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August 8, 2012
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Rhuber's Story

Pt 1

Honey colored eyes glanced over the toy shop window. Inside was a crushed velvet dressed doll that stood in the window, her blonde hair fell in ringlets and had a nice sheen. He wondered if the doll had real hair or it was wool and twine like he had seen some. He smiled brightly at the doll, it had caught his eyes when he passed by and now for the past fifteen minutes he had debated buying it for his little love. Her eyes were a bright blue, which was popular now-a-days. He couldn't help but chuckle, because though it sort of looked like her, it was off in some ways.

Though he would never call her that, he only compared her to things like angels, fairies and other beautiful creatures.

She was only 11 years old, and he was already in his late teens. He was told by his father that she was much too young, he always clarified to his friends and family that he was going to wait for her, and that the difference in the future won't be any different than most men and women's.

He stepped inside the store and asked the shop keeper about the doll, and happy that the hair was not made from glued wool and twine he purchased it with the last of his daily coin. He had her wrapped tightly in canvas and a lace napkin. Then bound with pink ribbon. He held the doll in his arms as he slipped out the door and down the street. He stuffed her inside his coat's inside pocket so in case the sky decided to pour its tears she would stay happy and safe.  

Rhuber stepped up to the door and knocked lightly, the door maid opened it and smiled when seeing him.

"The misses is in her studies, I am very sorry Master Rhuber." she apologized.

"Its no problem, please have this delivered to her, I will see upon her tomorrow." He replied, pulling out the wrapped doll and handing it to the woman.

She smiled and took it gently in her hands. "Thank you Master Rhuber, I will see she gets it."

The exchange ended and Rhuber stepped away from the house.

Rhuber's days were filled with lessons himself, or working with his father at the company he owned, that Rhuber one day would take over. When he wasn't doing either, he was spending time with his little love.

His nights however, when he finally could be his age was spent drinking wines and champagnes, eating fruits and cakes, dancing to music and flirting sensationally with women he had no interest in. He never took any home, nor touched them, just gave them flowery words and made them laugh. He was content with this life. He would drink until sometimes he would wake out in fields with others. One time a couple of them were out in the middle of a lake, soaked and frozen from taking a drunken swim.

It wasn't a nightly thing, but it was nearly a couple times a week that he would have this beautiful luxury of parties and dancing. He would tell his little love of all these parties, and how when she came of age, and when they were married they would dance like heathens to irish music and drink champagne til they saw stars.

That night as a way to celebrate the gift he gave her he drank with his friends, and retold the ideas and plans he had when it came to the girl, he was called a cradle robber but laughed off their jokes. They all knew that he was waiting for her to get a bit older before he took her as his wife.

That night though he didn't get too far gone that he couldn't make it home… his mind was ablaze with ideas, happy, beautiful ideas.

However all those ideas came to a screeching halt.

As he entered his home there was a letter, along with a package, a canvas wrapped package, with lace and ribbon.

His heart went cold.

The letter read out like a death sentence.

"I regret to inform you that your gifts will no longer be received by my daughter, for she has a betrothed in line that has proven more beneficial than your offer. Please refrain from sending anymore presents.

Master Renald De Fleur."

Rhuber's hands shook like a shivering leaf in the winter air. He felt chilled to the bone, and then his crashing heart exploded into fury. In his partially drunken state of mind he crumpled up the paper and reached for the doll and rose it into the air but stopped before slamming it to the ground. He then held the doll to him. The state of grief overtook him completely.

He sobbed for several minutes before his, less than fully cognitive mind decided on something.

He was going to steal her away.

He decided to do it that night.

He ordered a carriage, using his most trusted friend to drive it and hide them away and never tell a soul. He had a country home in the south of France that none of the family ever visited, it was too close to the border of the country. He took a few days worth of clothing and essentials, and then drank a glass more for courage.

He was able to slip into her room easily, even in a state of inebriation he was able to make his way in to her with ease. He picked her sleeping form up from the bed, and she remained asleep through moving about her room and outside to the balcony.

He laid her upon the bench seat and covered her with a silk plush blanket he took from her room as well. Nestling the doll in her arms.

They set off immediately out of the city.

It was a few hours outside of the city, as the sun was very slowly rising in the east that it happened.

His luck had run dry and the carriage had come to an immediate halt.

The horses screamed in terror, one had fallen, causing the other to follow, along with the carriage. His little love thrown about, woke with a scream. He grabbed her before she was hurt further and yelled to his friend.

There was silence for a while. The only sound coming from a startled horse. No friend, nothing more.

He held the crying child in his arms and looked about the demolished carriage around them. The doll was now broken and partially under the door of the carriage.

He soothed and used a soft voice to ease the child the best he could.

His little love shook violently in his arms.

Rhuber's arms only for a moment relaxed, and when they had, the girl was taken suddenly, like death it self, from him.

He was then swallowed up in black.
Part one

This is Rhuber's story, the story where his life that was once so beautiful becomes a hell of lies and deceit..

Part 2 - [link]